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Brooke + Kendall

It was late Spring when Brooke had reached out to me about shooting their engagement & wedding. They had a short window till their wedding in July and was needing a photographer ASAP. So glad they found me!

We met up at one of my super duper secret spots for photoshoots. If you know where to find those old school red phone booths, then you'll know what spot I am talking about ;)

Afterwards, we decided to do an outfit change and go downtown to get more fantastic photos in and around the Guthrie Green area.

Fun Facts About Brooke & Kendall:

  • Brooke loves cute animals. However, Kendall never grew up with animals and therefore didn't approve of them being in the house. But because Kendall loves Brooke so much, he is willing to let her get a kitten and keep it indoors. He also agreed to one dog haha.

  • They both love going on adventures, going on road trips, listening to podcasts, and being in the outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activity is swimming. His favorite is hiking.

  • They both love coffee, and barely go a day without it. They often tell each other "I'm so glad you like coffee too."

  • Kendall is actually the one who cooks.

  • One of their recent favorite things to do is to stay up late on Saturday nights, eat all the tacos, and watch movies. #relationshipgoals right there!

  • When I got around to asking Brooke about the story on how they met, she advised me to check our their story on their page!


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