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Adventures in Montreal

So one random night, while talking on the phone with my best friend John, I mentioned that he should come visit Tulsa! He said, "No" and that "Tulsa sucks lol". That punk ass. Instead, he suggested that we both meet up somewhere that we both have never been to before. He suggested Austin, TX. I suggested Montreal, QC. Clearly Montreal sounded way cooler!! So we rounded up our passports, reserved our AirBnb, booked similar flight times, and communicated on a game plan of what we wanted to do, see, and eat there.

I can definitely say that Montreal was a very cool city to visit. The food was great, the people were friendly, and the exchange rate was awesome (cheaper than the US). The most prevalent difference of course was that everything was in French and everyone spoke French! Check out the list of things we got to see & do.


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