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Adventures \\ Oregon

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again just in case, I grew up in Portland. Well, specifically Vancouver, WA on the other side of the Columbia River from Portland, but every time I tell someone I am from Vancouver, they think I am Canadian! Soooo It's just 100% easier to just say I am from Portland haha.

Anyways! My big brother (Minh) still lives there with his wonderful wife (Tami) and their 3 awesome kids. Which means I have the perfect excuse to go visit any time I want (and you can't beat free lodging y'all). My little sister Kerry also went with me on this trip. We got to spend time with our family and our childhood friends. While we did split up our time from each other to go do other things with other people, we would always try to get back together to do family activities, like dinners and going to the Oregon coast. My brother took all of us down to the Barview Jetty Park aka Rockaway Beach aka Tillamook County.

We went fishing, crabbing, exploring, played in the sands and of course take tons of photos. The drive through the forest and mountains was majestic, but a bit nauseating for me as I was not accustomed to the heightened elevation. It got much better just in time when we reached the beach!

Hope y'all enjoy the photos and thanks again Minh & Tami for taking care of us!!

Other Things I Got To Do On My Trip:

  • I got to attend a Partners In Diversity conference in Portland.

  • Took a day trip to Seattle & Bainbridge Island with my best friend John (click for photos).

  • Went to Cathedral Park in Portland (click for photos).

  • Did a photoshoot with my friend Rouxbee on her family farm in Boring, OR (click for photos).

  • Did a photoshoot with one of my brother's friends and her 3 boys.

  • And I got to explore the Portland nightlife for a bit, mainly because I had to be the DD for my drunk sister and nieces lol.


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