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Adventures \\ Seattle

So while I was on my Portland trip, I had mentioned to my childhood best friend John that I had wanted to go visit Seattle. Big shout out to him as he was so awesome and willing to make it happen for me!

The trip started out super early as we were determined to beat that morning Tacoma traffic rush. While we did get stuck in traffic when we got closer to Seattle, we still made it in good time. First on our agenda was to catch a ferry over to Bainbridge Island to do some exploring! It was my first time on a ferry, and quite frankly I was terrified lol. Probably because I have some unaddressed Thalassophobia issues, cause ya know, the ocean is a scary place. Otherwise though, it was actually a very smooth ride on the ferry and almost therapeutic with the gorgeous Puget Sound views.

Bainbridge Island was kind of neat. It's like it's own little forested retirement community. We decided not to use motor transportation and walked around instead. They had a small strip mall we checked out and then discovered a hidden gem in the form of a Vietnamese restaurant! We panicked a little bit though as we stepped in, because oddly we didn't see any Asian workers inside. Instead, we were greeted by, what looked like an older Russian lady... It caught us off guard, considering it was called Thuy's Pho House lol. It was a nice place though, so we sat down and ordered Vietnamese coffee.

Once we made it back to the mainland, we did all the major touristy things for the rest of the day like: Pike's Place Market, the Space Needle, and Kerry Park. On our way back home, we stopped at Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila because they had a Jollibee's in their food court. We damn well could not pass up on some Jollibee's!! Man it was a good time. Thanks again John for putting up with my Midwest driving skills and being my adventure buddy.


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