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Weddings \\ Kyli & Peyton

So over the summer, I had the honor to photograph a wedding for two amazing people. Let me introduce you to them. They are:

Kyli: Very tall, former college basketball player, now future nurse attending nursing school.

Peyton: Even taller than Kyli, also former basketball player, now enlisted in the US Air Force.

The wedding was held at her parent's land out in Wichita, Kansas. It was a beautiful property with a nice backyard deck overlooking a pond. This was where they were to tie the knot in front of all their friends and family.

The reception was held adjacent to the house, and I gotta tell you guys, one of my favorite things about their reception was their dance floor. It was homemade out of wood, designed to look like a full basketball court, and the ends had their respective logos for one another (one for her college basketball and one for the Air Force)! They even had a custom built score-box that was hung up top in the middle of it with string lights! I've done many fancy weddings, but personalized decor details like that takes the cake.


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