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Portraits \\ Rouxbee V.

I don't think I've ever met someone with so much life and enthusiasm for traveling & photography as much as I do (probably even more so than I do) than Rouxbee. This girl loves adventures, kicks ass at her medical career, and her landscape photography is on point. I was back home visiting the Portland area, where I grew up, and I got the chance to link up with Rouxbee to do a photoshoot on her family's farm in Boring, Oregon!

Boring, Oregon

Yes, that is actually a town name in Oregon, and it so happens to be where her family's flower farm is. Guys, this place was dreamy! The fields and rows of flowers, the bamboo forest, and the tall evergreens in the background was magnificent. It was a weird but pleasant mix of feeling like you're in both the countryside and the forests at the same time. It gave you a very nostalgic feeling, and that's one of the things I love and miss about the Pacific Northwest. Thank you again Rouxbee for giving me the opportunity to experience this again.

Fun Facts About Rouxbee:

  • Has a tattoo of an origami unicorn and a velociraptor that looks like they are about to have a break dance battle (bring out the cardboard!)

  • Dad jokes are her favorite, but don't ask her to tell you any because she'll be too busy laughing to even get to the punch line.

  • This girl loves to hike! When she conquers the tallest mountains and reaches those epic summits, she likes to pose as the Monkey King (Sun Wukong). I mean, is there any pose that's cooler to do on a mountaintop!?


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