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Portraits \\ Kerry V.

Guys, meet the coolest littlest sister anyone can have, my littlest sister! I say littlest but really she's my only little sister haha. She's amazing in her own weird way and I love that she is living her best life. She travels to way more cooler places than I get to (which makes me uber jealous) but that's also cause she doesn't have any kids like me. Only a fur baby. Her and her dog Ivory are inseparable though. We're talking about like mac & cheese, rice & eggs, banh mi & kimchi fries, or pho and Vietnamese iced coffee. I will say that out of all of us siblings though, we both have the darkest humor and will laugh at (all) the stupidest things lol. We're nerds, and it's the best thing ever.

Fun Facts About Kerry:

  • Has the same sized feet as emperor penguins.

  • Her elbows are double jointed.

  • Will have gone to 7 music festivals by 2019: Austin City Limits, Electric Zoo, Governor's Ball, Lights All Night, Ubbi Dubbi, Paradiso, and EDC Vegas.


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