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Portraits \\ Chislon C.

I met Chislon back when we were both still teenagers in high school. We weren't necessarily "bad kids" but we definitely didn't fit into the society's norms. Anyways, this guy was always into fitness and gym class was easily our favorite time. Needless to say, we didn't keep in touch after high school so we never knew what happened to each other. Fast forward to many years later...

The Re-connection

Then randomly one day we reconnected on Facebook! I asked if he was up to hangout and do a photoshoot with me. It was great catching up and the lighting in Hurricane Gym was perfect. I learned that he enlisted in the military (Air Force), lived in all sorts of cool places like Germany, and then one day he decided to relocate back to Tulsa. He is now currently a personal fitness trainer and an aspiring MMA fighter as well.

Fun Facts About Chislon:

  • Once partied with Anthony Anderson (of the TV show Blackish) in Germany.

  • DC Comics over Marvel Comics; aspiring to one day be the next onscreen Batman.

  • Pretty good at archery (but has not yet killed anyone either on purpose or accident).

  • His hands & feet are registered as deadly weapons (only required to do so in Guam).


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