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Portraits \\ Brittany K.

I had met Brittany through wedding DJ'ing and honestly it's quite refreshing when you have more empowering female DJ's in the industry. We shared commonalities on topics such as family, food, nostalgia, and mental health.

Brittany has moved on from the DJ'ing world since we first met, but her adventure did not end there. Soon after she took on a year long job in Hawaii to work on a coffee & macadamia nut plantation. The photos she took of her time there was amazing and majestic. Now she currently resides in Denver; from tropical island paradise to the continental Rocky Mountains.

Fun Facts About Brittany:

  • She is a certified scuba diver.

  • Studied abroad in China and climbed The Great Wall.

  • Also is a huge geography nerd, being able to identify all 196 countries on a world map!

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