Melody + Ricky

It may sound old school nowadays but high school sweethearts that are still together long after high school is still a thing!

"In high school, we were having a piggyback race with our friends. Ricky had tripped and fell while running, resulting in a gnarly scrape on his elbow which left a scar that is still there today. I used to tell him that regardless if we end up together or not, that I have left my mark on him (literally), so he would remember me forever lol." - Melody

Melody & Ricky is a prime example of that kind of love, and now they are engaged and set to marry, woot woot! *fireworks*

Fun Facts About Melody & Ricky:

  • She is from Northwest Arkansas. He is from Tulsa, OK.

  • They both have massive hearts for dogs, and have THE cutest golden retriever puppy.

  • Melody's best friend's mom and his mom were friends in high school. Such a small world!

  • Melody is currently going to nursing school, while Ricky is working full-time as an IT Administrator. So for now, she likes to tell people that he's her sugar daddy lol.

  • Ricky is a bit nerdy, loves PC games, and Melody loves the way he can simplify and give explanations in analogies that is easy for her to understand (particularly about IT stuff).