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Bauj + Martin

Bauj and I go way back to our teenage years. We both connected on the single fact that both of our families are from the Portland, OR area. I always thought that was cool as there were hardly anyone in Tulsa that was from Portland as well.

Martin on the other hand, where do I even begin haha. Not gonna lie, sometimes there is no stopping him from talking once he gets going, but that's just part of his extroverted personality. Which contrasts surprisingly with Bauj's more introverted and shy nature. They really do make a great team together.

Bauj had always voiced that she wanted me to take photos of them, so we finally got around to where both of us had a day off from our busy schedules (she's a awesome hairstylist btw). It was taken at the gorgeous Dresser Mansion near downtown Tulsa, ending at The Boxyard for some ice cream! The best kind of ending to any photoshoot I'd say.

Fun Facts About Bauj & Martin:

  • Bauj is Hmong. She was born in Cali (in the year of the Dragon), raised in Portland, and is currently an awesome hairstylist (IG: bauj.yang) in Tulsa.

  • Bauj originally wanted to become a doctor.

  • Martin is 1/2 Nicaraguan & 1/2 Salvadoran. He too is from Cali, and is currently a badass martial arts instructor at Midtown Martial Arts in Tulsa. He is ranked as a Master, with a 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Even at the age of 12, Martin already had two black belts in two different styles of martial arts.

  • Martin competed nationally growing up, and even had performed during NFL half time shows at San Francisco 49ers games.

  • Martin once jumped off of his 3-story house onto an avocado tree and got stuck lol. The fire department had to come get him down.

  • They both love being parents, love being active, and love: dancing, nature, traveling, and learning about other religions & cultures. They are also a big blended family of 7 (or as Martin puts, currently residing in a house of 7 ninjas).

Bauj's Fun Facts About Martin:

  • "He throws shoes at spiders (as he is scared of them and snakes)."

  • "His jokes are pretty on point. He would make a great stand up comedian."

  • "He's a faster learner, a great dancer, and an awesome father."

  • "He's the first guy I dated that actually beat me in basketball."

  • "He has the biggest heart I know."

Martin's Fun Facts About Bauj:

  • "She crosses her eyes and it solves everything."

  • "She would randomly tell people Happy Birthday!"

  • "She rides a bike like a boy and plays sports like a boy too."

  • "She's competitive and always wants to one-up me in physical activities."

  • "She's caring, giving, unselfish, and loves to spread love & happiness."


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