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Love \\ Trina & Carlos

Did you know that blind dates still works? Well for Trina & Carlos it sure did! They were introduced by a mutual friend, went to the movies on their blind (first) date, and been in love ever since. It was an honor to take their photos and spend time with them. Trina is a sweet, sassy, and very funny girl. Carlos is the homie. Smart, observant, and a solid dude. You could tell how much he was in love with her, and was genuinely happy to be walking around downtown Tulsa taking pictures with his bae.

That 918 Love

One of the things that Trina had mentioned was that she loved the murals around downtown Tulsa. So we had to get in on some of that action. After all, they had met and fell in love here. At the time of this writing (which is long overdue I admit), they would've already gone on their destination wedding in St. Lucia and already be living happily ever after.

Fun Facts About Trina & Carlos:

  • They have completely opposite personalities, and even their horoscopes actually says to stay away from each other lol.

  • He proposed to her while on a vacation in Puerto Rico.

  • They are both addicted to Chipotle (can't be with someone with poor taste in food!)


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