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Family \\ Winter 2017

This one's a throwback! We had a nice little snow day back in winter of 2017 (but not quite enough snow for some epic sledding or to build a snowman). My son Liam and I were determined nonetheless to get outside and play in the snow! Mostly confined to the back garden, but better than nothing. Haven't done a post feature of my oldest son yet, so peep his fun facts list below!

Fun Facts About Liam - He Is:

• An aspiring Scientist. My little dude is ALL ABOUT the sciences! From Bunsen burners, to the periodical table, to even cosmology. Sometimes I'm like, are you even my kid? Cause uhhh, I don't recall teaching you any of this stuff lol.

• An aspiring Geologist. He loves everything about the outdoors; rocks, geodes, plants & trees, but is smart enough to know how to be afraid of mother nature.

• An aspiring Marine Biologist. He is so into marine wildlife, that I'm getting a little embarrassed on how much more he knows about them than I do haha.

• *No matter what he chooses to do though, I'll always be immensely proud of him.


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