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5 Things I Love About DJ'ing Weddings

When people ask me "Do you like what you do?", I tell them that I actually love what I do! I never thought that one day weddings would be my jam, and I would be great at it. Below are 5 things that I love about working in the wedding industry.

1. Traveling

One of the blessings of being a wedding DJ is that I get to travel to all the big name cities and all the small name towns that I wouldn’t have otherwise had a reason to. Major bonus points for all the sights I get to see, the photography I get to take, and all the new people I get to meet!

2. Connections \\ New Friends \\ Networking

It is amazing the connections you can make and all the new people you can meet. A few interesting ones that I’ve met were: a rocket engineer for Space X, a professional bodyguard for U.S. delegates, and even someone who spoke fluent Vietnamese to me! Not only was he a white guy but he was also the bride's father! Haha.

3. Dancing \\ Shenanigans

Not gonna lie, I do love me some #whitepeopledancing! I’ve seen just about every dance move and about every variety of ages on the dance floor. From grandmas breaking it down, to brides dancing on table tops, even to the groom crowdsurfing.

4. Photography

As you may already know, but photography is my jam! And since weddings tend to be beautiful, there is so many photo worthy opportunities. Of course I remain respectful to the actual wedding photographers on duty by not taking any actual portrait photos of the bridal party, but I do enjoy taking the detail shots. This plus all the traveling I do makes for great photography in general!

5. Love

Awh what can I say, I love love. I love seeing the joy on their faces when walking down the isle. I love seeing all the laughter, cheers, and group photos that is shared with the bride & groom's family & friends. I (secretly love people watching) but just watching people having a genuine good time. Best of all, I love that I get to be a part of all of this!


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