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5 Things DJ's Hate!

Want to know what gets under our skin? What DJ's talk about with other DJ's? There are things that are not openly discussed with people but boy does it get on our nerves. Read below, and please don't take these to heart. We are just trying to make your night amazing and give you the best customer service possible, while also juggling: crying bridesmaids, demanding 8 year olds, and drunk uncles.

Drinks \\ Liquids

Guests leaving their drinks on the DJ table then walking away or leaning over the DJ booth with their drinks while talking to me. This one gives me so much anxiety!! I hate to say it but 70% percent of the time, they never come back for their drink so in turn 90% of the time, it ends up in the trash or at someone's random table. Sorry not sorry.

The DJ Booth Is A Sacred Place!

People touching the DJ gear when they're not supposed to is a big NOPE. Especially when they try to grab the mic and yell random things loudly into it. It's really not cool, and nobody thinks its cool.

Sitting Elderly People Next To The Speakers

This happens way more often than you would think and it's really annoying for both the DJ and the guests. Either the elderly is assigned seats at the table RIGHT NEXT to the loud speakers or they themselves decides to sit at that table. Whyyyyyyyy!? They'll just end up complaining about it being too loud lol.

Song Requests Scenario #1

Requesting a song, then not dancing to the song when played... like bruh... c'mon.

Song Requests Scenario #2

Requesting a song, then standing there next to me until I play it... Please don't do this, I either am not going to play it right away or I can't due to other songs being queued up already AND it's SUPER awkward & uncomfortable.


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