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Love \\ Devon & Tyler

It's incredible watching other couples go through their journey in life. From having kids, to job promotions, to owning a home. It's exciting! But so busy. Because of that, Devon & Tyler never officially had "engagement" photos done. They approached me about doing a shoot, and they wanted the vibe to be a vintage-y date kind of feel. Basically, I was going to be 3rd wheeling on their "date" and take pictures of them lol.

The Date

We started off meeting at the Guthrie Green in Downtown Tulsa. After snapping a few photos, we walked over to Antoinette's Baking Co. to share some cake, before topping it off with a little shopping at the vinyl record store, Spinster Records. Guys, TALK ABOUT VINTAGE.

Fun Facts About Devon & Tyler:

  • Met & fell in love at a concert, and got married 42 days later (when you know, you know!)

  • Their birth dates are 1 day apart from each other's.

  • They do not like using acronyms, so when they lol, they are literally typing laughing out loud.

  • They both get hiccups after eating spicy foods.


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