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Brittanny + Tyler

"If I could turn back time, I'd find you sooner so I could love you longer".

Story time! So although these two lived and breathed the same world, they never actually knew that the other existed for a long time. This all started back in their high school days. They had both attended the same high school, but he had just graduated while she had just started. During that time though, Brittanny was a cheerleader and actually cheered with Tyler's younger sister. They both even attended a college class together, but she still wasn't aware that he existed.

Later on, both Brittanny & Tyler happened to work at the same local beverage barn in their hometown, but on different shifts. They even lived in San Antonio around the same time for a year! It wasn't until a chance encounter through their black Labradors that they finally met. Phew! Talk about missed opportunities!

Fun Facts About Brittanny & Tyler:

  • They are both Texas natives who enjoys traveling, being dog parents, and the occasional 2 stepping of course.

  • They didn't take a picture together for the first 3 months of dating because they were hardly ever on their phone when they were with each other.

  • People always spells her name wrong (it's those tricky two T's and two N's I tell ya!)

  • He loves aerial/drone photography, and they are pretty awesome!


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