Acting \\ Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Need an asian guy to play as an asian dad in your film or commercial!? Well I know a guy, and that guy is me lol. I normally get type casted as the dad role or businessman role and that is totally OK with me! Being able to find work in the acting industry is already a blessing in itself. It's hard as it is for an asian actor in Oklahoma.

It was my first big commercial and it was a great experience. The shoot lasted for 2 days for my scenes. For this ad, I was playing the role of the dad of a future doctor (Dr. Eugene Ahn). It became known to me that I too was also a doctor. The scene plays out with us having dinner at home with our "grandpa" figure, and then shifting to the 2nd half of of the commercial where we are visiting him in the hospital. Thus triggering the inspiration in young Eugene to become the oncologist doctor that he is today.

It was so legit and actually kind of funny to me, that they had to fly out an asian child actor and older asian actor from California (most likely cause there are none in Oklahoma lol).